TÁT Head of the department: Dr. Gábor Borbély
Departmental assistant: Helga Horváth
Address: Egyetem tér 1. Győr H-9026
Phone: +36 96 503-467
Fax: +36 96 429-137
Secretariat: D-704 room on the 7th floor of the D building
Opening hours: Mo-Fr: 10-12 AM

Győr, Hungary
10th March 2013

Dear Visitor,

You are welcome to the website of the Department of Telecommunications at Széchenyi István University.

Engineering trainings in the field of telecommunications in Győr started at the College of Transport and Telecommunications in 1976. That time it took 3 years to get a college degree.

Since then there have been significant changes in our education. Our college became a university in 2002 and in the Bologna process the 7 semesters long BSc study was launched in 2005 and the 2-years MSc study was launched in 2008. The third level of the university education, the PhD doctoral school, also exists at our university. Its name is Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Engineering.

Our laboratories have been developed with great care for the past decades. Due to these changes our laboratories have become well equipped and up-to-date, they reflecting the present state of the European Telecommunications.

We have been receiving foreign students from different European universities, mostly in the framework of Erasmus scholarships.

We are in close contact with more than 10 EU partner universities in the field of telecommunications. We have been taking part and organizing in Erasmus intensive courses with these partners in the past decade.

Since we became a university, beside the education our work has also been completed with the scientific research work more and more. Our research fields contain electromagnetic compatibility, acoustics, traffic analysis, IPv6 systems, noise reduction, wavelet-based methods, FEM modelling, fuzzy logic and computational intelligence.

During the history of our department we contributed to establish the radio and television broadcasting, to digitalise all segments of telecommunication in Hungary. We were also involved in the process of its mobilisation and moving it onto IP protocols.

About 20 lecturers work altogether in our department and approximately 500 students are trained and taught in our electrical engineering courses.

We hope and work hard to remain one of the main centres where telecommunication experts are trained in Hungary.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Gábor Borbély
head of the department



Department of Telecommunications