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What would you fix at the Internet of today for a better Internet of Tomorrow?

This year, the World Wide Web celebrated a landmark 30th birthday. Throughout this time, as we have come to see visions of the 80s science fiction novels gaining space into our daily lives, it has undergone a tremendous transformation, challenged by technological innovation and constantly adapting to society’s needs. In the present day, the Internet has arrived at a point where it is now leading every corner of the life of modern society. With its constant evolution, appearing in many shapes and forms, the Internet has shown that, while capable of posing some threats, it can also bring new opportunities for all actors in the Internet ecosystem, ranging from decision-makers, economic, social and technological professionals to everyday users.

Mainstream media pays more and more attention to the future of the Internet recently: the digital divide between social groups, privacy protection and the seemingly unstoppable stream of fake news are just a couple of matters we, as a society, are pondering, which is why the need to discuss how the Internet of the Future should look like is not only welcome but necessary.


Dear university students,

The future of the Internet is also yours. In a few years, you will have all that is necessary to shape it to your own images. How do you imagine your virtual environment after two, three, four or five decades? What do you think is the biggest problem with today’s internet? Unsolicited content? The overwhelming amount of advertisement? Maybe the fact that our personal data is regarded as a commodity? Or you know something that we may not even be aware of yet?

How would you fix the Internet of today for a better Internet of tomorrow? Pick the most bothersome issue that you see and tell us how you would fix it. We will make sure to deliver your ideas to prominent members of the Internet governance arena, as well as the community.




The 1st prize is an all expenses paid trip to the next IGF conference in Berlin, November 25-29, 2019, for the winning person or team.

The top 3 contestants will also receive the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion alongside Internet governance stakeholders at the Internet Governance Forum Hungary 2019.


Presentation scope


You have to describe the phenomenon that is the most disturbing about today’s internet and suggest a theoretical solution for it. We are curious about all the economic, social, philosophical, technological, legal and regulatory ideas that can help to solve the problem described. Contestants need to submit a one-page document with the basic description of their concept and a 15-minute PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, both of which in English.




Any student studying enrolled in a university in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia is allowed to apply. Contestants can work alone or in a group of maximum 3, in which case members from different universities are allowed to form a group.




To sign up for the competition, all you have to do is to send an email toinfo@igfhungary.hu by July 31, 2019. Besides the one-pager and the presentation attached, the email should contain the contestant’s or contestants’ names, year of study and the names of their universities.


Important dates


  • Registration is open until July 31 2019.
  • The jury will choose 5 of the best presentations, whose creators can join the second round. The chosen contestants will be notified by August 15.
  • During the second round, contestants need to show their presentations at the Internet Governance Forum Hungary 2019, in Budapest on September 12, 2019. The jury will judge the live presentations based on creativity, impact, and sustainability. The results will be announced at the end of the IGF conference.

If you have any questions about the competition or the rules, we invite you to contact us at info@igfhungary.hu.






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